It's summer, grab your besties and let's capture some grammable moments! My name is Maddy Corbin, I am a full-time Social Media Influencer + Blogger. I spend my days sharing my creative journey and taking lots (and I mean LOTS) of photos.

All of these photos are from my Instagram! You can follow me on Instagram: maddy.corbin

fruit, girl, and fashion image
Like this one was a local fruit stand in my hometown Indianapolis, IN!

Today I wanted to share a few tips on how you can up your photo game this summer!

01. Try color matching

Color matching is a fairly simple way to start making your photos pop more. MATCH YOUR SURROUNDINGS, like the image above and the set below, I wore a color that matched the objects around me, and instantly the image becomes a bit more aesthetically pleasing!

21, dress, and fashion image buns, fashion, and flower image indiana, lilac, and photoshoot image bff, idea, and italian image

02. Play around with fun props

A good way to get inspired to take fun images is to try props! I love looking at vintage stores or the dollar store for new props. Things like: cameras, newspapers, faux flowers, or lights. Have fun with it!

fun, game, and games image
In this photo we got some tickets from Party City and went to our local Pinheads!

03. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

I love using reflective surfaces to play with my photos! For typical iPhone selfies I like to take one of my favorite wood mirrors (here is a link: ) and move it around to see how I can play with it in new ways. Another fun idea is car mirrors, like one of the photos I shot below!

mirror and paint image bandana, blogger, and fashion image
See: for mroe!

04. Try different lighting!

Lighting can make or break an image. Too much light? You lose details. Too little light? Can you even tell what an image is about? Testing out different lighting can teach you a lot about photography. I love finding areas that have fun lighting like this photo that we shot under a tree around noon:

flowers, maddy, and outfit image

If it is too sunny outside to get your shot, try finding an area of shade like this shot:

boho, easter, and flowers image

Lastly, sunrise or sunset will be your best friend. Lighting is softer, and has more color. So when in doubt, wait for the sun!

girl and styles image

05. Presets!

You hear people talk about presets all the time nowadays. What are they? They are Lightroom color edits that you can add to any of your photos. Creating a cohesive feed is made when you use the same preset on all of your photos. I have had my preset shop open for 2 years and have been using them for 3. They can seem daunting, but trust me, the more you play with them, the easier they get. I even offer a free preset so you can get to know them a bit more! To shop my presets visit:

carnival, cotton candy, and fair image

I hope this article helped you learn some new tips when you are taking photos next! I'd love to hear if you use any of these techniques. Send me a DM with your photo and I'll shout you out on my story.

Maddy Corbin