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Sad Vibe

sza image blue, khalid, and blue aesthetic image billie eilish, billie, and blue image
1) Anything - SZA 2) Shot Down - Khalid 3) Coffee & Cigarettes - Vic Mensa 4) i love you - Billie Eilish

Angry Vibe

Image removed Image removed blue and blackbear image Image removed
5) like that - Bea Miller 6) Pray You Catch Me - Beyoncé 7) DEAD TO ME - blackbear 8) Inhibition (omw) - Olivia O'Brien

Lonely Vibe

background, blue, and grunge image willow smith image brent, jeremy zucker, and chelsea cutler image daniel caesar and freudian image
9) Somebody Else - Jaden 10) 9 - Willow 11) sometimes - Chelsea Cutler 12) We Find Love - Daniel Caesar

Bad Bitch Vibe

blue, fashion, and photoshoot image olivver the kid and bryan summis image Image removed aesthetic, blue, and retro image
13) Advice - Kehlani 14) Not in Love - Olivver the Kid 15) The Best You Had - Nina Nesbitt 16) Dead To Me - Kali Uchis
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