mercury: can outwit and out-debate you, laughs like nothing matters, adores books, spouts out random facts at times, writes in leather journals, dances in the rain and splashes in puddles

book, reading, and aesthetic image libros, books, and nail art image bali, bikini, and goals image

venus: loves flowers, takes pride in their fashion sense, seems to dance or float instead of walk and sing instead of talk, listens to love ballads, believes in true love, watches old disney movies

beauty, fashion, and perrie image aesthetic, pink, and vintage image flowers, tumblr, and grunge image

earth: takes long walks through the woods, wakes up with the sun, cooks and bakes better than anyone else, tends to a garden, loves animals, does kind things before even thinking about it

food, Cookies, and yummy image Image removed cake, food, and chocolate image donuts, food, and sweet image

mars: has ambition that rivals anyone else’s, lights matches just to watch them burn, loves rollercoasters and anything that will give them an adrenaline rush, gets really passionate really quickly, blasts their music a little too loudly

огонь, закат, and красота image acampar, camp, and camping image spiderman, tom holland, and peter parker image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

jupiter: wants to travel the world (and may already have), has an obsession with photography and art, goes to museums and galleries for fun, wears flowy patterned clothing, has a collection of succulents

Inspiring Image on We Heart It jin, v, and bts image aesthetic, art, and art gallery image art, girl, and museum image

saturn: has been through trama but has put it behind them, ridiculously wise, wears sweaters year-round, prefers the comfort of their own bed, never lets anyone see them cry, collects gems and jewels and stones

Image by Pleasing TT Eye coffee, cozy, and autumn image book, cat, and bed image bed, fashion, and girl image

uranus: walks into the room and everyone looks up, their presence is like a lightning strike, argues with people on the internet, wants to save the world, knows everything about the latest technology, will go on excited rants about what they love

Image removed phone, quote, and call image fashion, gold, and phone image brown, curls, and glow image

neptune: can tell you about all the constellations, daydreams a lot, smiles absentmindedly, carries around totes of art supplies, doodles on everything, will give you flowers if you’ve had a bad day, cries often

asian, smile, and girl image girl, fashion, and smile image girl, flowers, and nature image asian, aesthetic, and girl image

pluto: only speaks when they need to, walls built high, a force to be reckoned with, gives good advice, super protective, sharp eyes and small smirks, wears a torn-up leather jacket every day

Image removed Temporarily removed grease, John Travolta, and movie image fashion, style, and jeans image

source: tumblr - people types