Hi guys!! It is me again with another articule.
I am sorry for my bad english, because as you guys notice i am from Brazil.
So i will show you guys some of my favorite brazilian band or singers.

banda, indie rock, and scalene image
This is Scalene. They are from the capital of Brazil and plays indie rock. I love their style and the vocalist is very handsome. My favorite music is: Danse Macabre.
gustavo bertoni image
The singer is Gustavo Bertoni.
travesti, lgbt, and onu image
Pabllo Vittar: She is one of the biggest drag queens in the world and she has the most followers among all of the drags (including RuPaul!). She sings in portuguese and mix a lot of brazilian genres, like funk (i will explain in another articule that particule genre) and pop music. Listen to "Seu crime".
aesthetic, artist, and beautiful image
Of course i will have to metion the most popular singer of the country: Anitta. She sings funk, reggaeton and pop music. Please watch on youtube: "Vai malandra".
chorao and charlie brown jr image
Charlie Brown Jr was one of the best rock bands from Brazil. The singer died a few years ago. Listen to: "Me encontra".

Well, there is so many more artists, but i will save for another articule,

Bye guys!! Love, Luana.