Hi, folks! Have been a while since the last time I wrote an article. Then I saw this theme and I loved so much and thought it was so creative and fun that I have to do too. My friends deserve this article specially for them. So here are my friends as aesthetics. I really hope that you like it. ♥

[A R I E L]

Mature image body, books, and coffee image drink, summer, and green image earrings, accessories, and fashion image black, he, and him image dog, animal, and cute image Cocktails, dancing, and drinks image Image by a n a
She's gemini, has a huge heart and love to party. She is the kind of friend you call when you want to go crazy and drink tequila shots. I never met a person who is always willing to be there for you and go with you in your crazy ideas. Is so determinate and is studying engineering. Ariel has no more space for ear piercings and is obsessed for tattoos. Loves animals, your passion are your dogs. And go to the beach get tanned is a hobby.

[A N A L Í]

life, quote, and laugh image girls, smile, and melanin image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, outfit, and style image girl, summer, and friends image odonto, white, and black image chocolate, salad, and quotes image city and travel image
She's piscean and have the best laugh in the whole world. When she is laughing it is impossible to not to laugh too. Analí is the kind of friend that you ask for fashion tips. And she's absolutelly in love with makeup. Is surreal her love for her course: odontology. Talk to her is to know all the gossips of the famous that you missed up. She is the kind of girl that try so hard to do a diet but always give up.

[E L L A]

funny, friends, and humor image brown, eye, and girl image couples image adidas, blue, and real madrid image Image by s є m p i t є r n a l quotes, movies, and movie image black hair, boy, and layout image beautiful, fashion, and follow image
She's sagittarian, my partner to watch clichés movies and has been dating since the day I met her. Is with her that I comment, cry, scream, about every serie I am watching. Ella is a super fan of european football. She is the one that calls you for watch a game and drink a beer. Her favorite team is Real Madrid and CR7 >>>> Messi. She is a dreamer and have a huge passion for biology, her course on college. Fanatic for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Friends. And she is the kind of friend that will stand up for you if necessary.

[J O H N]

pride, lgbt, and rainbow image boys, couple, and lgbtq image party, colors, and fun image boy, food, and quote image food, healthy, and avocado image Image by Mel city, night, and party image food, fun, and salad image
He's libran and most lively person that I ever met. Always likes to party and to be surounded by people having fun. He is the friend that always calls you to drink and dance all night long. Is the funniest person I know. John always says boys are shit and he's cursed to be attracted with them. Single and living every day like it was the last. John are vegan and incredibly feminist, he's super connected with all that kind of thing and I love that on him.

[M E]

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I'm piscean, very lazy person and a daydreamer. I apreciate a lot my time with my friends, even more now that everyone is in a different place doing college. Also i am a girl who loves my times alone. I am the friend that hangs out with you to party and drink but I am also the one who pretende is busy but is just watching Netflix.


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