Hello Guys! First i want to apologize for my wrong and bad english. My native language is portuguese.
My name is Luana and i am from Brazil. I live in a state called São Paulo, wich is the most developed state in the country. As you guys may or may not know, Brazil is an underdeveloped country of South America mainly because of bad income distribution and a lot of corruption.

But i will stop to speak the bad parts and focus on the good ones,

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This is Fernando de Noronha. That is an island from Brazil. It is great for surfing and dive with the dolphings.
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Another great city is Rio de Janeiro, city that also has one of the best beaches: Copacabana.
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That is São Paulo, this city is the capital of my state. It is one of the largest city in the world and is the richest in the country. The city has a lot of pollution and traffic, but has a lot of culture and art.
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São Paulo
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Brasília. The capital of Brazil. One of the most famous architect of the world design the whole city.

Guys, i promise to write more and try to lern some english;

Bye, bye. Love: Luana :)