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Name: Rylie Blossom
Age: 16
Gender: Female


girl and cute image makeup, beauty, and glitter image flowers, smile, and braces image aesthetic, bambi, and hair image
pale skin, will sometimes show up with dyed hair, natural makeup, braces, dreamy green eyes, light freckles


fashion and jeans image bracelet, scrunchie, and summer image france, vans, and friends image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
she wears a lot of colors, always wears bracelets, comfy but stylish, she's mostly seen in mom jeans


couple, happiness, and laugh image Image by rosie
Rylie is a very happy person, she's always positive, has great jokes and loves to party. She can be super shy and nervous around new people but once she trusts them she will open up and be herself. Rylie struggles with trust issues and anxiety


music, pink, and vintage image 1985, indiana, and mall image Image by beth 80's, boy, and couple image
She's really into music, thats why she goes to concerts a lot. if she's not in her room blasting music or drawing she can be found at the mall. before Rylie moved to Hawkins she used to go on a lot of cute dates with her boyfriend but they can't anymore because of the distance



bouquet, bridesmaid, and clothes image hiking, New Hampshire, and sibblings image
She live's with her brother and his wife, her parents left her with her brother at a very young age with her brother only being 15. he always took care of her and he still does


max, season 3, and stranger things image edit, icon, and season 1 image gif, eleven, and mike image stranger things image
Max was the first person who became friends with Rylie when she just moved to Hawkins, she also is her bestfriend till this day. Max introduced Rylie to the group where she immediately was welcome. She also hangs out a lot with Nancy, Nancy is like a sister to her and they always have a lot of fun.


couple, boy, and tumblr image couple, love, and goals image
She has a long distance boyfriend who lives in the town where she used to live, they have been dating since they were kids


stranger things image stranger things image
Everyone is trying to keep tho whole mind flayer drama a secret to Rylie untill one day they need her. they call her up and ask her to be at mike's as fast as she could, she rushed over there worried-sick and not knowing what was going on. they needed her to help them keep El safe (on the 4th), she ended up helping and surviving it.

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