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I'm trying to be more active so here's another article for you. Hope you enjoy.
This time I´ll recommend 3 more underrated books, as I always do, so I hope you like it.

1. Almost Identical - Lin Oliver

Sammie and Charlie are twins so on the outside they are almost identical (Sammie is slightly more chubby than her sister, but other than that, they look the same). However, they're completely different on the inside. Charlie is an extrovert, while Sammie is an introvert. Charlie tries desperately to fit in and to be popular, while Sammie just wants to find out who she is and to stay true to herself.

This book is about Sammie´s journey through adolescence: finding comfort, true friends, identity, courage, confidence and power.
It is a lovely novel that both adults and kids can enjoy. It goes by really fast because It is really entertaining, but it is also a smart and funny story full of emotions, feelings and lessons. Highly recommended!

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"I am a woman made of fire and fierce and free."

*2. Sette ore per farti innamorare (Seven hours to fall in love) - Giampaolo Morelli

Note: Only available in Italian and Spanish

Paolo is left heartbroken by his gorgeous wife, Giorgia, when he finds her cheating on him (with his own chief!). After losing both his partner and his job, Paolo also loses his will to live and his hope to find love again... that is, until he attends a course on how to make anyone fall for you in less than seven hours. Will he gain confidence again?, Will he win Giorgia´s heart all over again? Or will he fall in love with someone new -like his extremely attractive teacher at the course, Valeria?

Easy to read, full of Italian humor and romance this is a short novel that promises to leave the reader waiting for the next chapter. Completely heart-warming!

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"Now you don´t have time to think about the past. A new life full of things is starting."

3. Cuando los gatos se sienten tan solos (When cats feel so lonely) - Mariasun Landa

Note: Only available in Spanish_

Maider is worried about her cat, Ofelia, because she notices that she's been quite sad and lonely lately. Maider doesn't realizes it at first, but she feels just the same. Her mother is busy at work and her father has just left them to live alone. She has no real friends, no real comfort in her life, she just has Ofelia. One day, Maider loses her beloved cat and, even though she's just a kid, decides to go looking for her because she's not just a pet to her; she's the only living being who seems to understand how loneliness feels, and she's also a true friend who knows how to take that horrible feeling away.

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"In the evening, at sunset, cats get lonely. I know because I've seen Ofelia like that. Sometimes I´d find her in the kitchen table, looking out the window. Not moving, just there, looking though the curtains with a sad, melancholic gaze."

So that's it for today's article! I hope you enjoyed it and that you give this books a chance. I guarantee that they are really good, even if they are not that well known. Remember we mustn´t judge a book by its cover... or by its popularity.

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