Hello there, this is another "days of the week as persons"

here's my first one about Monday


lets start!

day, friday, and cuote image


He looks snooty at first sight.

boy, icon, and cute image Image removed curly hair and miles frank image Mature image
He has black hair, green eyes and tattoos.


Friday is charismatic, super extroverted and he LOVES being the life of the party.

quotes, inspiration, and motivation image couple, hands, and aesthetic image friends, boy, and drunk image quotes, words, and life image
He can write a really great song about why school education is not good and that’s why most of the people love Friday.


Image removed boy, grunge, and guy image boy, black and white, and aesthetic image boy, fashion, and style image
He loves wearing black and blue.


guitar, theme, and aesthetic image aesthetic and nintendo image
He loves to play guitar or chill around his friends.

Saturday and Sunday


Well, Friday never gets into someone too much, because he is not afraid of show his feelings

girl, aesthetic, and vintage image hair, curly, and curly hair image
but he know that he is feeling some things about Wednesday, but also he really likes being around Monday and bother her for attention.

Create characters is fun and entertaining, you should try it.

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