Hey guys! Today I’m doing my summer bucket list for 2019 ☀️

You can look at my bucket list for 2018 here:

  • go to the beach
girl, beach, and ocean image girl, sunset, and beach image
  • go out to more local restaurants and cafes
girl, outfit, and style image girl, friends, and best friends image
  • go to a spin class
cycling, fit, and fitness image Image removed
  • create a date night for my boyfriend
beach, sunset, and picnic image beach, one, and party image
  • take on a new project
fashion, style, and summer image Image removed
  • write more articles for weheartit
girl, coffee, and morning image autumn, nature, and fall image
  • declutter my wardrobe and room
bedroom, books, and chest image bedroom, bed, and decor image
  • unfollow people who don’t make me happy on social media
beach, girl, and summer image Image removed
  • plan for senior year of college
class, notes, and study image Image by getzelle
  • research internships
fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image
  • do more day trips with friends
summer and friends image girl, summer, and friends image
  • volunteer at a local charity or project
actress, brazil, and brazilian image aybukepusat image

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