Messy Room = Messy Life.
I am about to be so busy, that I can not afford to let myself get behind in anything! Hopefully you find these helpful, I certainly did!

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One of my big worries about moving out for the first time is not having my mom to remind of events and plans. I am self-motivated and do not forget often, but having a safety net is calming. Thus, creating a functional calendar is at the top of my list for organization!

Yesterday, my mom and I went out looking for calendars and oh my gosh there are so many types! Wall calendars, desk calendars, school calendars, year long calendars, planners, business calendars, etc. After going through all the calendars and discussing my schedule, we ended up getting a planner and a wall calendar. I will keep the planner in my back pack to take to class. Then, when I get back to my apartment/dorm, I will transfer the information from the planner to the wall calendar. I plan on hanging my wall calendar near my door so that it is in my face when I walk in or go out.

I am not the bullet journal kind of person. Well, I want to be, but the way my life is set up I would not be able to put my best efforts into it. If you have the time and talent to do one, I highly suggest it. You can customize the journal however you want. The ideas and topics in bullet journals are endless! Want a workout routine? Want to read more? Need new music choices? Want to eat healthier? Want to map your sleep? Want to draw? Just create a page for it!!

While I have seen all sorts of calendars while shopping, the best one I have seen was on Pinterest. The calendar covered an entire section of wall from the ceiling to the floor. Chalkboard pain had been used in a grid-like pattern to make 1x1 square foot boxes. If I could have that calendar I would! Unfortunately, I can not paint my walls :/ But now as I write this, I could probably hang white boards to do the same… that’s a lot of boards though, maybe not haha.

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A messy bathroom is the worst thing. It is one of the first things you see in the morning and if you get behind in your routine, all hell breaks loose for the rest of the day. I do not wear a lot of make-up, usually I only do my eyes. As a dancer, I would just sweat everything else off. However, I do have a lot of make-up for my performances. I have all the supplies from Nutcracker’s Snow Queen to Dracula’s dead wife! Therefore, I do need to have an organized place for my palettes and brushes.

There are many ways to manage the cleanliness of your bathroom! Thankfully, the Dollar Store/Dollar Tree has begun stocking cute, glass mason jars and plastic containers. With a little paint and accessories, you can have a bathroom that looks nice and efficient!

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In such a small space, how can you fit so much? Between shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, leggings, bras, and underwear, where can it go? You literally have to be prepared for all types of weather! Some of my friends use their closet as storage for out-of-season clothing and have a clothes rack for current clothing. Other friends are close to home and are able to swap out clothing every once in a while. I plan on using both my closet and dresser. My dresser will hold most of my actual clothes. My closet will be for shoes, dresses, drying my leotards and tights (since I'm a dancer), and storage.

'til next time,