You fooled me once,
You fooled me twice,
You fooled me a 100 mf times.

What is it with me falling for your words every single time?
Why can't I just stay away from you?

Thought I'd learn from my mistakes.
There's just something that keeps on bringing me back.
Something I can't control.

It makes me hate myself a little bit more.
It makes me falls a bit more into that darkness I'm already struggling to get out.

And what did you do?
What are you doing now?
Letting me fall once again.

I just feel tired,
Trying to understand why I'm so stupid.
Trying to understand what's wrong with me?
Maybe it's all because of me.
Maybe I'm the one who keeps on messing up.

'Cause in the end, I'm the one who's all alone.
You were my everything while you have a whole crowd.
Did you even realise I was gone?
Were you happy when I came back like an idiot?
Do I even matter to you?