We all have a guidance inside of us
Telling us what we like and what we don't
Giving us signs all the time
Telling us when we're hungry
When we're full
When an environment lifts us up
Or if something feels sketchy or wrong
And I don't know why
But for some reason society has taught us NOT to listen to that voice
Our inner guidance
Cause it's the way to our freedom
It's the only way they'll loose control over us
Instead of listening
To what we really crave on this earth
Instead of following our purpose
We get forced
To think about all the stuff that makes you less human, less you
THEY tell us what we have to learn and which formulas we have to use
THEY get to decide what's right and wrong
Instead of us figuring it out for ourselves like we're supposed to do
THEY expect the impossible and pressure us so much that some of us end up with stress, eating disorders and more.
Some of us even choose not to live this life, cause the pressure is just too much..
We think it gets better
But maybe it's just better hidden?
They still control everything in the shadows