Day 26: What is your character's favourite food and drink? Does he/she enjoy cooking at home or does he/she prefer to eat outside?

black, caffeine, and cappuccino image tea, Hot, and drink image book image drink, drinks, and fitness image
She usually drinks are tea and water at home. When she is out she likes to order either coffee or lemonade.
vegetables, food, and vintage image food, muffin, and vintage image food, healthy, and lunch image food, potatoes, and potato image

Emily eats a lot of vegetables when she cooks at home. When she eats out she likes to order either pasta or potatoes. One of her favorite desserts are muffins, preferable cinnamon or granola ones.

Algeria, chairs, and normandie image cafe, table, and bricks image decoration, appartment, and home image art, chic, and coffee image
She does prefer to dine outside, but since she is a student, she usually cooks and eats at home.

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