if i were an element: water.

aesthetic, beach, and nature image beach, water, and sea image

if i were a weather: sunny.

alternative, fashion, and grunge image aesthetic, theme, and jewelry image

if i were a season: summer.

summer, beach, and hat image aesthetic, champagne, and ocean image

if i were a flower: sunflower.

Image removed flowers, sunflower, and yellow image

if i were a city: phuket.

nature, travel, and thailand image beautiful, phuket, and sea image

if i were a time of the day: night time.

beautiful, dark, and lights image aesthetic, black, and moodboard image

if i were an animal: a cow.

Image by Queen of Saigon Image by Nosga Tosja

if i were a memory: hanging out with friends.

aesthetic, blue, and fashion image summer and summer vibes image

if i were a color: yellow.

yellow, aesthetic, and van gogh image yellow, aesthetic, and locker image

if i were a feeling: euphoria.

aesthetic, 90s, and vintage image beauty and jorja smith image

if i were a precious stone: citrine.

citrine, gem, and glow image mineral and raw stone image

if i were one of the senses: touch.

pale image couple, details, and hands image

if i were a planet: saturn.

Image removed saturn image

if i were a book: milk and honey.

book, aesthetic, and flowers image contemporary, poem, and poet image

if i were a fictional character: Even Bech Næsheim.

Image removed cute, skam, and even image

if i were a fruit: apples.

apple, fruit, and FRUiTS image apple, country, and fruit image

if i were a drink: juice.

orange, juice, and drink image drink, summer, and food image

if i were a fantasy creature: angel.

angel, aesthetic, and clouds image aesthetic, clouds, and eyes image

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