Hi, everyone.

I've been getting lazy with posting, but I'm having a slow day today. This is the next prompt from 300 More Writing Prompts, so here goes nothing.


Name the top ten things on your bucket list.

One of the top ten things on my bucket list is going to Fashion Week in New York City. I know that you guys must be getting tired of me saying this, but travelling to places like France, London, Italy, Ireland, etc. is also on my list. Getting a job as a photographer out of college is also one. The next thing on the bucket list is learning how to play piano and acoustic guitar. I tried before but I lacked patience to learn. I'm sort of in the process of doing this already, but I'm hoping that I learn to speak French and Arabic fluently.

I know it wasn't all ten, but these were the ones I wanted to do the most.


What are the top ten things on your bucket list?