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“Not every love story has a happy ending.”

Everytime you stared at me, my heart would race like crazy.

When you were not staring, I would steal a glance at you.

Sometimes, watching you from afar is enough to make my heart flutters. I would be unexpectedly in a cheerful mood for the rest of the day.


There was a time when your friend went to my desk to ask about homework and you also happened to be there right beside him, tagging along.

You were smiling, but I had no clue why you were smiling.

In class, you were resting your head on your desk and dozed off when your friend suddenly sat next to me and talked about things related to school. From the corner of my eyes, I caught you staring at us for quite a long time.

After the lesson ended, you suddenly wanted to sit next to your friend who was sitting right across me on the same table as mine.

I stood up and sat on another table where my friend was sitting.

I was too shy to be near you.

There was another time when we were having math exam. Mr J gave the papers to the front line and we were supposed to pass the papers to the ones who were sitting behind us.

I was sitting right behind you.

Mr J missed one paper and I didn’t get to receive it. I was about to raise my hand when you suddenly passed yours to me and raised your hand yourself.

I didn’t get to say thank you.

Until now, I don’t think there is even a single word I’d ever said to you.

We never got to talk to one another and we simply remained as strangers.

After time, you dropped out and moved to a different highschool. I was dejected. I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore.

It was senior year. I was in my last year of highschool. That day, I never expected to see you again at the same place I first noticed you. When I was on my way to the restroom, I saw you from a distance. I knew it was you just by seeing your cap and your blue backpack. You were playing with your phone but after a while, you did look up and our eyes met. Although it only lasted for a few seconds before you look down on your phone, hiding your face under your cap.

I never thought that it would be the last time I ever saw you again,

How foolish I was.

I hadn’t gotten the chance to know you yet and you’d already disappeared from my life.

perhaps in another time,
before i became grey and old,
I wish to see you once more,
not just as a passerby,
but as a part of your life.

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