We've all been told at some point to "just think positive!". And wouldn't that be nice if you could take your problems and just shrug them off, and only think happy and positive thoughts? I've tried it many times, like telling myself "I am perfect just the way I am!" or "I'm just gonna pretend that that mistake didn't happen, it's nothing!". But there's no point in thinking these things if you don't even believe what you're telling yourself. So here are a few options of comforting, but still realistic thoughts, for when thinking "positive" is too hard.

1. I am not perfect, but no one is.
2. Life has ups and downs all the time, that's just the way it is.
3. I am not supposed to please everyone all the time.
4. I made a mistake. I am only human.
5. My body is ______. That's okay.
6. I am having a bad day. It happens.
7. I don't love how my body looks, but inside it, there are so many things working to keep me alive and healthy. That's pretty cool.
8. I'll have a lot of moments in my life, both bad and good.
9. I feel like that person didn't like me, or maybe that is all in my head. Either way, it's okay.
10. I am allowed to feel whatever I am feeling right now.
11. My anxiety means I have a brain that is working hard to protect me from dangerous things, it just works a little too hard sometimes.
12. Literally, not one person has ever gone through their life completely free of any hardships.
13. That person didn't accept me for who I am, but someone else will. I would rather be around that person.
14. This thing that happened to me really sucks, and I'm going to let myself feel sad about it because I am only human. Soon I hopefully won't feel so sad about it anymore.
15. I don't love myself, yet. But I am working on it.

I hope this gave someone at least a little comfort. You are all deserving of love and happiness. Thank you for reading ♡