Vacation's finally here! I wanted to do this for a few days now and finally took the time to do it.

Before everything: this article inspired me


Image by ADRIENN quotes, pink, and aesthetic image quotes and life image blue, candy, and cigarette image aesthetic, slytherin, and aes image Image by V definition, dictionary, and meaning image chill, cold, and grunge image aesthetic, hufflepuff, and aes image aesthetic, blue, and grunge image


outfit, fashion, and converse image outfit, converse, and clothes image fashion, blue, and jeans image fashion, jeans, and style image vans, red, and monroe image convers, high, and red image
Comfortable but pretty


تخرج, loading, and اختبارات image passport, travel, and pink image money image accessories, american, and angel image
graduate in med school, travel the world, being rich, have kids


always, book, and books image wallpaper, unicorn, and horse image dragon, sky, and fantasy image kiss, couple, and love image
to be a witch, magical creatures to be real, find the one


turtle, animal, and sea image travel, sky, and airplane image book, tumblr, and vintage image rain, leaves, and nature image
animals, travel, books, rain


Image by || GHADIR || ice cream, pink, and food image pink, crystal, and pastel image book, blue, and aesthetic image


Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️ adventure, beauty, and style image dolphin, ocean, and sea image background, husky, and wolf image
cats, horses, dolphins, wolves


books, black, and gold image film, books, and bookstore image book, john green, and looking for alaska image Image by Endless Dream
harry potter, shakespeare, looking for alaska, fallen


ariel, disney, and little mermaid image Image removed 1999, 2000s, and 90s image classic, disney, and mulan image forever, inception, and leonardo dicaprio image Image by ✘
ALL disney movies, all harry potter movies, matrix, inception, intouchables


teddy, ed sheeran, and Versace image Image by Alina Greys Image removed billie eilish, billie, and eilish image
ed sheeran, nickelback, halsey, billie eilish


brooklyn nine nine, jake peralta, and amy santiago image the big bang theory and big bang theory image chandler bing, Courteney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston image supernatural image
brooklyn nine-nine, big bang theory, friends, supernatural


berries, colorful, and happier image vintage, chocolate, and candy image Image by zσєℓℓє ♡ autumn, coffee, and fall image
fruits, chocolate, ice cream, coffee


memories, bad, and box image Image removed feelings, life, and living image music, quotes, and aesthetic image quotes, rose, and grunge image nature, green, and god image admire, love, and bibliophile image quotes, words, and pink image

Well... hope you liked it!
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