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Name: Seonu Mina
Stage name: MiMi
Line: 98
Birthday: 17 of May
Birthplace: Iksan, South Korea
Height: 5’5 (165 cm)

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Choi-won (Line: 92), Suji (Line: 94)

Group name: HIIT
Fandom: Peonies
Debut Date: 16 September 2015
Agency: Big Hit Entertainment
Position: Sub Rapper, Lead Dancer
Number of the members of the group: 7


Hair: Her shoulder-length and straight hair are normally dark brown, but she likes to try new colours like red or blonde.
Eyes: dark brown

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Personality: MiMi is a real zonked and weird person. She is untidy, very lively and really really lazy. But she is also open-minded, humorous and goofy.

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{Life motto}

“Be positive, stay happy and don’t let the negativity of the world get you down.”

{Solo songs}

  • Classic The song is like a classic cartoon movie, a clumsy and goofy girl and her adventures, how she makes friends and learn new lessons.
  • Chaos queen clumsy-clumsier- Mimi this song is perfect for her. Her story about stupid accidents, weird dreams and so on will make you laugh and want you to cuddle the little weirdo.
  • The Queens fool No matter, how weird you are you´re the queen of your own game and a queen has her fools listen to her and do whatever she wants.
  • Snapchat Love Nowadays everybody uses Snapchat and lot of people get to know each other. It’s like the story of her and her secret boyfriend falling in love with each other.

{Close Idol Friends}

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Nayeon (Twice), Yeonjun (TxT), Lucas (NCT), Seugli (Red Velvet), Wheein (Mamamoo), Chanyeol (EXO), Youngjae (GOT7) and Handong (Dreamcatcher)

{Best friends}

Lyn and Jin are MiMis best friends. Nearly every time Jin and MiMi are together they go out for eating or Jin is cooking something for her. He’s like a big brother for her.

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After a long time of friendship J-Hope and MiMi finally became a secret couple. Only the group members of BTS and HIIT knew it.

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{Extra information}

  • She loves to read.
  • J-Hope loves the fact, that she’s the smallest of the girls and he thinks that she’s the cutest girl he knows.
  • She likes to wear fake glasses.
  • She often helps Yuna with the choreographies.
  • MiMi is always happy and laughs a lot.
  • She also helps Nana often with the cooking
  • But she also eats a lot.
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