Hello Hearters!
About 2 years ago I discovered subliminals but never could stay consistent with it.
So, I recently decided to make a playlist of several subs and listen to it until I reached all my goals (I also tried to avoid adding too many subs), and share my results in here, in order to stick to listening to the playlist and for all the people who wait for results but never get upgrades.
I don't think I'll post any photos but I promise to be honest in everything that I'll write.
I'm currently listening to this one :

Welcome to my journey!

I started listening to this subs on July 11th 2019

""" DAY 1 """
I noticed :
- Clearer/Smooth skin
- My recent pimples disappeared
- My eyebrows look better
- Everybody said that my hair looked wonderful although I didn't really do something special
- Whiter teeth

"""DAY 4"""
(I didn't have the time to update for days 2 and 3 but I remained consistent)
- Hair growth (especially my baby hair which I struggled with)
- Lips are different, not really the shape I want nor the shape I had, so it's in progress I guess
- Bigger iris and lighter eyes (my eyes are brown)
- Smaller nipples
- Lighter armpits and "down there"
- Slower body hair growth (I'm quite hairy so that's a relief lol)
- Weight loss even though I hate like a lion (too many parties)
- I looked good in EVERY picture (I'm more of a selfie-good-looking person, only when I took them haha) and my best friend kept telling me that I looked beautiful and didn't stop taking pictures of me lol
- Boys noticed me more, that was nice but annoying when they come hit on me

"""DAY 5"""
- I woke up from a night out and my skin looked good and smooth even though I was kinda drunk last night
- My nose is more upturned and my bump is less noticeable!
- Lips look more like my desired shape
- My butt is perkier
- I lose some boobs (great for me, I prefer smaller boobs)
- I smell good!
- My skin is softer

That's it! I hope it helped those of you who are still hesitating regarding subliminals
See you soon for another update!


Link to part 2