Dear Future Husband,

You don't know me yet. We might meet at a coffe shop, library, subway station or else but you will definitely catch my eye. Or maybe you'll see me first. I just want to know that I'm quite shy, so don't get offended if I'm not trying to approach you but I will be thinking of you for the rest of the day.

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In case you didn't know, I am an ambivert: we can drive to festivals and don't get tired of it, but sometimes I need some space. Please, don't get angry if I want to work or read alone... But I hope you love traveling as much as I do. We will be the best adventure companions of all time!

You won't pick me with cheesy lines every girl could fall for. I value real, honest compliments. And you don't have to bring flowers every anniversary – I'm not Meghan Trainor. Come to cuddle or bring some chocolate and I'll be in heaven.

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I hope you understand how important are family and home. Oh, I don't want to be a housekeeper but I need my home clean and fridge full of food. I promise, I will not let us starve. Could you promise to help me tidy our house on Sundays?

Do you know how excited I am to meet your family? I'll bring the best wine from the shop around the corner just to get tipsy with your mom and drown together in memories. Then I will realise your parents raised you good and that you will be the best father for our children (well, let's not rush everything yet). My family will be your family and yours will be mine. We will go to have barbeque evenings or play basketball with my/your cousins. Maybe we will be godparents for one of our little relatives, who knows. You and me will share the best moments of our lives.

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We will fight. I'll give you arguments you are tired to hear. You'll say that's enough drama. I'll piss you off with my insecurities: I don't have many but still. You will ask for attention and I will say: "Don't bother me". But in the end, I will still hug you and beg for another song to dance in our living room.

We will go through hot and cold but the only thing I hope – may our relationship last until we get old. The only marriage I want to have and maybe the only you want to have too.

See you some day! Love,


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