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”I’ve been dancing with the devil, I love that he pretends to care”
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I love Joker. I have always loved his character in the movie.

Nobody can possibly understand my strange infatuation with him.

Many would think that he is a crazy, sick and twisted psychopath. In other words, a freak.

Just because he is a villain, it doesn’t mean that he is evil. Everyone has their own darkness buried inside the depths of their hearts. We can’t define someone as good or bad, because there are always the good and bad sides to everyone.

There is always a reason behind his actions.

Joker yearns for attention. For someone to notice him. As someone who has been in the darkness for too long. He yearns to be in the presence of light. Instead of hiding behind a mask and pretend to act innocent, he reveals his true self. He embraces his own darkness. He accepts who he truly are. That is how he expresses himself.

His irresistable charm and madness proves him to be more humane than anyone else.

Every saint has a past and every villain has a future.

Even monsters deserve to be loved. Joker yearns for love, attention and affection. He feels the world is unfair to him, because he couldn’t get what he needed the most. If only he was given equal chances, he wouldn’t turn out that way. He would have better outcome. He wishes to be like everyone else, simply to live a normal life, but he knows he couldn’t. Having a normal life is too much of a luxury for him to wish for. It is something he couldn’t attain because of his sins.

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Joker, the ruthless villain is actually a little boy at heart. He is tormented by his own fear, loneliness and insecurities.

He was no prince charming.

Everything about him is bad. He was the opposite of ideal.

But I loved him.

Before I knew it,
I was already in love.

harley quinn, jared leto, and joker image
“I loved him, not for the way he silenced my demons, but for the way his demons danced with mine.”

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