I love Makeup

I love watching tutorials, I love the beautiful packagings, I love the asthetic images, I love the full face makeup with all the steps on it, but using it daily is Not me

I have an Acne Prone Skin which means that I have acne and scars left by the pimples i had through the years. I used to wear foudation to cover it, but I was just forcing myself to fit in the "Acne girl type"

It's not because you have Acne that you need to cover it, or because you have scars left from your past pimples or red spots on your face that it needs to be hiden.

It's not the case ! You are You. Your scars are you, your acne is you. It belongs to your journey

I would say that I learned to love them, or love myself, but it's not fully the case. It's just out of laziness

My skinCare routine already takes a lot of time in the morning so I prefer to optimize my makeup routine, because I still wanna use some.

I start my makeup after my morning Skin Care Routine

Color correcting

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Color correcting takes a big part of my routine because it helps optimize the amount I use on certain places.
I usually use an orange corrector, The Zéro Défaut Correcteur from Yves Roches for my dark circles and I Blend it in with my Beauty Blender

If I have a new red pimple, and I wanna hide it, I use the Green Color one on it.


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I follow Up with my Concealer on the places I used the color correcting in, before.
My current concealer is the Conceal & Define by Revolution in the shade C7 which is also my face's shade.
I don't use foundation, and I don't wanna highlight my under eye. I prefer to go for the "I don't have dark circles naturaly" look

Using a lighter shade for your under eye is good if you are using foundation, it gives more relief and life to the face. But if you are not using foundation, it only attracts the light to the under eye area and makes it obvious, which is not what you want if you are going for the Natural Look.


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Setting Powder is a must have in a makeup routine. As the name brings in, it helps set the makeup in for the rest of the day or absorb the oil during the day. I personally don't use it for that purpose as it clogs my pores and makes me more oily or Break out.

My current setting powder is the Fit Me Matte & Poreless Powder 090 Translucent from Maybelline

I use it on under my eyes and the spots I corrected on my face if I did any.

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I leave it on for about 5 minutes, just the time to wear my clothes or make a smoothie
For under my eyes, I actually apply it with a sponge and use Baking. The reason is simple, it leaves a flawless finish and makes the concealer less apearant because sometimes, it's obvious that you are using one.

It actually dry the under eye area, so an Eye Moistrizer is a must have on your Skin Routine.


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There is days I used Mascara and others I don't, It's not a necessary step on my routine.
When I do I use Volumising Lengthening Mascara from CODE Beautiful
It separates lashes and lengthens them very well and adds the perfect amount of volume. It also doesn't smudge or fall off.

It's Not Waterproof. I don't use WaterProof products because I want to be able to clean everything easily by night time and WaterProof Mascaras makes my lashes fall off.

I use only one coat for a daily natural look on the top lashes

Sometimes I add a Kohl Eyeliner on my bottom lashes on the color of my outfit for some fun.


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I use a Lipstick almost daily with different textures. It's either a Semi-matte one or a Sheer one. The color also depends on my mood or the style I am going for that day.
I use two brands : Mac and Yves Rocher

Please, Pay attention to the Lipstick you are using, don't forget that we "eat" them through the day. You don't want to swallow toxic things


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Once all the previous steps done, I use the same Facial Spray as in my morning routine which is the Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber And Green Tea from Mario Badescu to set all the powder in and give an extra top layer hydratation.

Thank you for reading this article. See you around guys.
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