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I today's article we are talking about planning a world trip. Let's start.

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What is so educational about a trip around the world?

You not only get to know new cultures, you also learn more about yourself, no matter how cliché that may sound. Before my trip, for example, I thought I wanted a management position in a corporate company. Now I know that freedom is more important to me and that I do not need to lead as necessary.

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How do you determine your destinations?

First of all, that of course depends on what you have on your bucket list, but it also depends on your budget. In Southeast Asia everything is much cheaper; there you already have a smoothie for fifty cents and you spend 750 to a thousand euros a month. If you go to America or Australia, this is more than double. If you want to go to multiple continents, I recommend you first go to the more expensive places; if you first take the cheap, you will be tempted to spend a lot. That is a waste of the money that you desperately need later in your journey.

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How can you save money during your trip?

If you make a long journey with multiple destinations, it is best to buy a world ticket. This is often cheaper than individual flights, because you pay taxes and service costs per flight. Only arrange a place to sleep in the first two nights after your first flight. The rest of the days you can search for a hotel or hostel on the spot. Then you can still negotiate the price and you are often cheaper. Another tip: cancel your subscriptions. This keeps your monthly expenses as low as possible during your trip. Especially the telephone subscription is often forgotten, while that is quite expensive and unnecessary, because you often buy a prepaid SIM card at the location of your destination.

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Any tips for activities during the trip?

Especially alternate between city and nature. Even if you think you are a city person, you will find that you get a lot of incentives in big cities like New York and Bangkok. It is wonderful to relax a few days in a nature park or on the beach. Another tip: during your trip you will find that the range of excursions is huge. Therefore make a choice in advance with activities that you really want to have done and do not get carried away on the umpteenth snorkeling tour.


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