Hey guys! Welcome to a new article where I will be doing a challenge and it is the "this is me" challenge.
I was recently inspired by this article:

hope you enjoy!

what I look like

Image removed gold, style, and necklace image brown, cosmetics, and dark image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
black wavy hair, tanned skin, medium height, dark brown eyes

my style

aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image Temporarily removed blogger, chanel, and chanel bag image fashion, style, and outfit image
indie, casual, denim, jackets,


red, aesthetic, and fashion image falling, fashion, and kids image watermelon, food, and fruit image rose, flowers, and red image

my fears

black and white, pretty, and girl image Mature image dog, cute, and puppy image alone, forest, and sad image
losing the people I love, my pets dying, the dark,

my personality

book, fashion, and girl image clothes, fashion, and fashion inspiration image aesthetic, girl, and gold image back, beach, and film image
introverted, anxious all the time, funny, smart, patient, quiet


book, candle, and autumn image coffee, city, and book image book, diary, and flowers image galaxy, stars, and andromeda image
I love writing, reading, science especially learning about the universe and life.


flowers, aesthetic, and water image coffee, cup, and vintage image aesthetic, art, and art journal image art journal, journaling, and quote image
to have a successful and rewarding career in probably writing or journalism!

what makes me happy

Temporarily removed aesthetic, sunset, and sun image Image by Giyuguru pink, flowers, and aesthetic image
blogging, writing, reading, music, family & friends


1994, b&w, and black & white image tim robbins, morgan freeman, and Stephen King image cinema, film, and rain image the shawshank redemption image
Shawshank redemption

favourite artists

billie eilish, billie, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It grey hair, vevo, and billie eilish image billie eilish image
Billie Eilish

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a lovely day!

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