Turn Your Face

So now what's your excuse? What do we have to lose?
Since I'm already losing you

Pretend It’s OK

You chose the road that I'm walking
Now it's your soul that I'm caught in
And you're not hearing when I'm calling

Case Closed

Got your fingerprints as evidence all on my body
Put your right hand on the book and you were found guilty
I can't wait forever but that's how it's gonna be

These four walls

And I, I can't come alive, I want the room to take me under
Cause I can't help but wonder what if I had one more night for goodbye?
If you're not here to turn the lights off, I can't sleep
These four walls and me


You never brought me flowers
Never held me in my darkest hours
And you left it so late
That my heart feels nothing nothing in towers

Good Enough

Am I still not good enough?
Am I still not worth that much?
I'm sorry for the way my life turned out
Sorry for the smile I'm wearing now
Guess I'm still not good enough

Little Me

I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out
Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder
Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful
Everything she doesn't see

Secret Love Song

Why can't you hold me in the street?
Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can't we be like that? Cause I'm yours

Love Me or Leave Me

Do you remember when you loved me once?
What happened, what happened?
And you'd hold me here just because
What happened?

Nobody Like You

Oh, I wanna feel you in the dark
I could use, I could use sun
But all you left me with was scars
And that's the hardest part

Monster In Me

Why don't we kill each other slowly?
What can I say? Baby, what can I do?
The monster in me loves the monster