Bonjour, everyone! So...a lil season for a lil show recently came out...don't know if you are aware of's called Stranger Things 3...and I have been waiting FOREVER for this new season to come out. Welp, it's finally here and I'm back with another review. Does it live up to my very, very, very high expectations that calls for a celebration for a trip to Starcourt Mall, or does this season deserve to be killed by the Mind Flayer? Let's find out!

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The characters I love

(Of course, in normal ST fashion, all of the characters and their actors were amazing, but these picks are ones that truly stood out to me)

1. Eleven

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Ah, my favorite character from the show. Am I surprised El was a fantastic character this season and Millie Bobby Brown did a flawless job portraying her? Not at all. They're both perfect, so of course not. It was amazing to see Eleven have the life of a normal, teenage girl like finding love, shopping, and hanging out with friends. Sure, that doesn't last for long (because of the main conflict of the season and all), but she fought like a champ. And can we talk about her American accent?! So adorable. As someone with said accent, I find them boring, but there's something so soft yet fierce in El's. I love it, I love it, I love it.

2. Alexei

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I appreciate when movies and TV shows keep things hidden from promotional material. In this case, we have Alexei. Sweet, lil angel Alexei. All he wanted was to watch Woody Woodpecker and drink cherry Slurpees. Sigh. Alexei wasn't a major character, but he sure left an impact, despite not speaking a single word of English. Unfortunately, he life ended way too soon when he was shot by Grigori for betraying the USSR since he worked on the evil science stuff for the communists. I raise my cherry Slurpee to you on 7/11 Day, Alexei.

3. Robin

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Before starting the season, I didn't expect to love Robin as much as I do now. Well, here we are. She was amazing. And the fact that she's the first canon LGBT character in Stranger Things? That's awesome. She had a ton of memorable quotes and looks adorable in her Scoops Ahoy! uniform!

4. Steve

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You can't not love a single mother working a job to support his six children. This is why Steve is amazing and is quite possibly the most developed character in the show. Ugh, I love him so much. He equally looked adorable in his SA! uniform and also had a ton of memorable quotes, just like Robin. Sure, he got beat up again in this season (at this point, it's pretty much a tradition), but just like Eleven, he fought like a champ.

5. Hopper

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Sigh. It's hard writing this. Granted, it's almost certain he didn't pass away...but still...[sniffle]. Do I believe Hopper is still alive? Yeah, I'm really positive. For starters, there's that "No, not the American" by the Russian soldier during the mid-credit scene and we never see his body evaporate like those Russian scientists. Keep in mind of this pretty common rule in motion pictures: A character isn't dead until you see the body. But anyway, Hopper was great this season. It's amusing to see him stress out over El and Mike's relationship and awesome to see him in action. Hopefully next season we'll see him have that Enzo's dinner date with Joyce. :')

Other things I love

6. The chemistry between everyone

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One of the core things I love about this show are the characters, and this pretty much carries over to the dynamics between them. This season did not disappoint! With dynamics like Mileven, Elmax, Scoops Troop, Jopper, and more like Murray and Alexei, Lumax, and Jancy, they really provided the drama, comedy, and overall soul of season 3.

7. The costume design

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After learning that season 3 will take place during the summer, I knew there were going to be some awesome, vibrant 80s summer looks. My favorite this season is as pictured. Eleven's ensemble outfit with a yellow scrunchie, blue suspenders, a pair of jeans, and my favorite part: a blue and purple splatter paint shirt. It makes me really happy it's featured on the official poster, but I haven't seen any stores selling that outfit, let alone that wonderful shirt. Some store better start selling it soon. In the meantime, I would like to deeply thank the costume designers who provided such great looks for s3.

8. The soundtrack

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Only a show like Stranger Things can have closed captions and music like this. Gentle, emotional, ominous, intense, and more. The trailers have an awesome score, too! The biggest one that stood out to me was used in the final trailer, as well as during the credits for episode...I wanna say 6. I'm not entirely sure. There's this [ominous synth music playing] with a choir chanting these deep, even more ominous "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha". It's so creepy but I love it!

Things I didn't like

9. The gore

As someone who hates gory stuff, it was really tough watching this season. Yeah, there were some relative violent things in past seasons, but there was never enough to call seasons 1 or 2 downright gory. That's what I liked about them. However, this season pretty much threw that out of the window. Kind of like how El threw the Mind Flayer out of the hospital window haha. There are on-screen deaths (don't want to get into too much detail because..ugh), rats exploding, and the Mind Flayer being made out of frEAKING HUMAN GUTS AND BONES?!?! Revolting. Yeah, it looks like strawberry jam, but it's still disgusting. And the special effects for the gore aspects look great, but it's STILL disgusting.

10. Will's conflict being glossed over

It's totally a relief to not see Will suffer in a way he did in the past seasons, but Will's character this season can be summed up in these two phrases: "Can we play Dungeons & Dragons?" and "He's here." We don't really see any stellar acting from him compared to what we saw in season 2. His best scene is when he destroys Castle Byers, which is a very sorrowful scene since it's him letting go the last of his childhood.

All he wanted to do was play D&D, but of course Mike and Lucas were too busy with girl problems. While it's pretty realistic for them to have these conflicts, you can't blame Will for wanting to connect with the old days. Especially because he was kidnapped and possessed by a, you know, alternate dimensional monster? It gets glossed over anyway since no one helps him properly go through it, which is sad. This quickly transitions to Will becoming a plot device by touching his neck to alert the kids that the Mind Flayer is near. I mean, for what Noah Schnapp was given, he did fine, but it was a bit of a downgrade compared to s2. And I have to admit that the shot of goosebumps growing on Will's neck is always a nice visual.

Favorite quotes

(There are a lot of them, so be prepared)

Will: You know how you drop on a roller coaster?
Mike: Sure.
Max: Yeah.
Eleven: No.
Erica: You can't spell America without Erica.
Hopper: Maybe I'll just kill Mike. I'm the chief of police, I could cover it up.
Robin: How many children are you friends with?
Hopper: I know he doesn't look it, but he is one of the most dangerous men in the world.
Steve: But Tammy Thompson's a girl.
Robin: Steve...
Steve: Oh.
Steve: I don't CARE about TINA or Uncle JACK'S PARTY. Your mom's not gonna be able to find us if we're dead in a RUSSIAN ELEVATOR!
Lucas: Isn't past your bedtime?
Erica: Isn't it time you died?
Alexei in Russian: Look! It isn't rigged!
Steve: Henderson. Henderson! He's back!
Robin: We all die, my strange little child friend.

And last, but MOST DEFINITELY not least

Hopper: [Insert his entire emotional heart-to-heart letter, including "I left some Eggos out in the woods and you came into my life" and "For the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open at three inches"] :'((


Overall, was this season fantastic? Most definitely! Yeah, Stranger Things leaned more on the horror route this time, which is something I avoid like the plague because I'm scared of everything. Yeah, yeah, I know this show is a thriller, but this is really all I can handle. After finishing, I'm surprised I survived all that and generally liked the season. With all that said, I'm really glad the lovable characters, great costume design, and awesome special effects overshadowed the gore and slight downfall of a certain main character. Even though it's not confirmed yet, I can't wait to see season 4!

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Au revoir! - Liv 🦋✨


This article was written by @legendarylovin on the We Heart It Writers Team