I thought before I get into article writing it would be best if everyone got to know me as a person rather than a username. I know that might be really cringe but its all I could think of at this point in time I will keep it short and sweet and won't go into to boring things like my favourite colour. (its red by the way!)

about me
my name is jaime, I am fifteen and i'm from Australia I started this account as I wanted to get back into the groove of writing articles as I use to do this when I was like twelve. I want my articles to be more tips and tricks rather then tags and this or that's.

I am a heavy film and show watcher and am always wanting to talk about shows so I will try and make articles on that as well. I will also be writing reviews on books I read while leaving recommendations on shows and books.

I also will be making an instagram for this account where I will most likely be posting these articles or similar articles over there. I hope you all enjoy my account and I will try may best to have an article up at least every three days depending on how motivated I feel.