Hello, lovely people. In a way, you’ve been with me on this 5 months long journey because I wrote about my worries, thoughts and struggles. Unfortunately, this time I am writing from my country, from a place that people call home, but I don’t feel this is my home anymore. Another time, I will write about the emotional roller-coaster you go on and after the exchange. This time, I will only write the list of the last things you should know what happens in the end of your exchange and after you go home.

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It’s not so easy to pass the exames

Many people that I know, came to the exchange with a thought that they will pass the exams much easier on their hosting university. This is not always true and it’s not so easy. I don’t even know if I have passed all the exams, but the standards were much higher on my hosting uni. You still need to study, read many books, research, write scientific articles etc. And even though this is Erasmus, you will have to do everything the local students are. Also, it’s possible that you will attend the classes on your hosting country’s language.

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Most of the people you will never see again

Yes, there are just a few people, your closest friends who you will see again. All the others, even thought you are fond of them, will leave your life and you will maybe see them during some yearly meetings, if even then. You will have to say many goodbyes, attend goodbye dinners, travels, see many people sit in the bus knowing that it may be the last time you are seeing them.

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# You will be totally confused by the ’’new/old’’ reality

Coming back to your country will probably bring another cultural shock, maybe even bigger because you will feel like an alien in a place that used to be your place your whole life. You will miss the sceneries from your hosting country, the smell, the freedom you had, your house, your room, the people you used to spend every day with. You won’t understand how is it possible that you changed so much, and everyone at home is still the same. Anyway, even thought that everything is still the same, for you, it will feel endlessly different.

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It will be hard to accept that you need to move on

Erasmus exchange is over. The days that you consider the best in your life are over. You are home, with your family, old friends and in your old room. But you can’t accept that this is it now, you are not going back, you you can’t get your Erasmus friends back. You need to decide what will you do with your life now, and even if you have some plan, you will still feel lost and confused, unsure if you are doing the right thing.

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Currently, I am totally lost, I want to cry, I want to scream, I am emotionally overwhelmed, I just want my Erasmus life back. I feel that it’s unfair that time passed so fast. I don’t know which way to turn to. I arrived to my country last night and I woke up in a world that it’s not mine. I am an alien here and I will do everything that’s in my power to go back to where I belong. This way I also apologize for not diving too deep into writing this time, but I am in a rush, my mind is a mess and I am holding on from not crying.

This article was written by @FireBomb93 on the We Heart It Writers Team.