Hello lovely Hearters, today I'll talk about Morning Routines and what mine looks like.
Having a morning routine helps you be more focused on the day, makes it easier for you to get things done an feel better about yourself, be more productive and be happy.

Waking Up

I usually wake up around 6 am or 7:30 am. The reason for this is that waking up earlier improves my mood and I tend to regulate my sleep schedule improving my health.

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Glass of Water

Before I do anything I HAVE TO have a glass of water. It helps you stay hydrated, improves your health and your daily dose of water intake.

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Walk or Run

I just throw a hoodie on, my earphones, music and go for a walk or a run. Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes an hour. During this time I think about life and my feelings and get all my previous stress out by running.

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I like to create a playlist with songs I currently love and that hype me up. I like to dance around a bit, wake myself up and warm up. I like to listen to music throughout my whole morning.

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I like to do a simple exercise in the morning and then stretch a bit. Burn some of those calories. It makes me energized and happy.

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After exercising I take a shower, do my skin care routine and brush my teeth. I get dressed in something comfortable.

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Healthy breakfast

Making myself breakfast is one of the most satisfying things ever. It makes me feel like I'm really taking care of myself and I'm healthy.

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Cleaning Up

After I have breakfast, I clean everything up. It's nice to have a nice, tidy living space. It improves my mood.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it gave you some inspiration to create your own morning routine.
- xoxo, Dreamer

Amina Bogilović
Amina Bogilović

This article was written by @AminaBogilovic on the We Heart It Writers Team.