Hey guys what's up?Happy Monday. I hope you have a great day.

So today's article is a cute question tag. The questions are from that article so make sure that to check it out:

So let's start!

1. mermaid or angel

mermaid, aesthetic, and legs image dragon, mermaid, and pink image

2.1900's or 2000's

2000s, fashion, and memes image Image removed
2000's for sure

3.movies or books

book, yellow, and flowers image book, the great gatsby, and aesthetic image
books of course

4.rain or sunshine

nature, flowers, and sunshine image quotes, sunshine, and yellow image

5.dancing or singing

sporty image Image by Tamara

6.are you going to learn greek, latin, or french

latin image blue, latin, and quotes image
I am greek and I already know french so my answer is latin

7. all boys, all girls or public school

alone, class, and friend image quotes, aesthetic, and locker image
public school

8.history or english

Image removed always, boys, and class image
english ( though I really like history)

9.good girl or bad girl

empowerment, positive, and quotes image empowerment, positive, and quotes image
Honestly something in the middle

10.wake up hour

black and white, funny, and joke image cat and wake me up inside image
summer: 9:30, school days: 7:00

11.dream country to live in

wallpaper, italy, and travel image aesthetic, holiday, and sea image

12.what is something you always looking forward

beach, sky, and sun image beach, ocean, and waves image

13.have you ever been in love

art, love, and aesthetic image balls, flowers, and roses image

14.have you ever cried over a lover

No I haven't.

So that's for today guys.

Hope you like my article.