These are some of my fav ideas for summer breakfast, that are in a way a bit more "extra" but still simple and most importantly, delicious!

PB and jelly oatmeal

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(Use sugar free jelly to make it sugar free & 100% natural peanut butter)

Cottage cheese toast with berries

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(You can also use a light cheese spread or maybe even greek yogurt or skyr)

Sweet egg scramble

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(You can mash a banana in your scrambled eggs and put your favorite toppings on top)

Yogurt, granola and fruit bowl

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(The way I do it when I want it to be "extra" ... I mix some protein powder in my yogurt - usually I use the cookie&cream flavor, but and other flavor would do too)

French toast with your fav toppings

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(Use your fav wholegrain toast, your fav milk - I would recommend plant based, you can also add protin powder in your mixture and top it with yogurt for that cold and fresh touch to the french toast and also your fav fruit)

Protein waffles/pancakes

banana, fit, and food image Image by vivian
(You can buy prepared mixtures for protein pancakes/waffles or make it yourself at home because there's plenty of recipes online to match your taste)

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