I'm writing this instead of working. It's the typical Swedish summer weather outside, rain and stormy so to fit the mood I made this playlist. I thought as I've shared my playlist before and people seem to like them(?) I might as well share this playlist too.

The playlist is called: we, sad. and here are a few songs that are in it! the Spotify link is further down in this article.

(It's mostly indie songs so y'all know + some Korean songs)

Songs included in playlist:

  • Hey, Ma - Bon Iver
  • Hairpin Turns - The National
  • Family Tree - Oh Land
  • Light Years - The National
  • When The Lights Come On - Jimi Somewhere
  • Honeybee - The Head and the Heart
  • Supermarket - Logic
  • Towers - Bon Iver
  • romance is dead - iris
  • StrÃ¥korkester - Mares (Swedish song)
  • Movement - Hozier
  • The Village - Wrabel
  • Goodbye Winter - Day6
  • Don't Forget - iKON

+ more!

playlist link: (I haven't put an aesthetic picture for the cover of this playlist, please so not bully me for it)

link to my Spotify profile:

Hope you like this playlist!
I love making playlists so if you want a pålaylist dedicated to you or a playlist with one special genre or something else, message me here or dm me on insta ( my acc is @ ukwonaf ) :)