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โ˜… Grease
(1978) This movie one of my favorites musicals, Is such a classic and I love the whole plot, the outfits and the songs

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โ˜… The Little Rascals
(1994) This movie is super entertaining and cute, I love Alfalfa (if you have seen it, you know who I mean) I think this movie teaches you the value of friends and honesty.

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โ˜… Sixteen Candles
(1984) This movie is a classic too, it's a romantic comedy and i love it, I think almost everyone knows it but it deserves a place in this list.

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โ˜… The Breakfast Club
(1985) This movie is very entertaining, and is perfect if you do not know what to watch on Netflix, it is also very good for a sleepover with besties.

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โ˜… For Keeps
(1988) I think this movie is underrated, almost nobody knows this movie, I really like this movie, it's on netflix in case you want to see the movie.

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