my inspiration:


sun | taurus

plants, crystal, and flowers image car, nature, and summer image quotes, love, and r.m. drake image aesthetics, alternative, and moon image animal, flowers, and deer image green and garden image 80s, camera, and flowers image quotes, moon, and sun image
the sun represents our true self

ascending | cancer

hands, aesthetic, and sky image book, vintage, and indie image Image by Ana Carla Lisboa art, white, and aesthetic image anxiety, cry, and frases image light, aesthetic, and crystal image makeup, blue, and glitter image flowers, inspiration, and cute image
the ascendant represents the mask we wear in public

moon | scorpio

car, luxury, and red image Abusive image sky, clouds, and storm image luxury image fire, aesthetic, and shoes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed girl, night, and aesthetic image
the moon represents our emotional instincts

mercury | aries

aesthetic, jewels, and lips image funny, haha, and highschool image Temporarily removed aesthetic, dress, and luxury image love, quotes, and lips image red, pool, and light image fire, hand, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
mercury represents communication

venus | gemini

black and white, creativity, and tech image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed yellow, aesthetic, and lava lamp image art, hands, and drawing image book, girl, and indie image elena and yellow image feelings, grunge, and sad image
venus represents love and money

mars | gemini

aesthetic, grunge, and theme image theme, aesthetic, and rp image 70s, 80s, and america image aesthetic, meme, and opinion image yellow, fashion, and aesthetic image quotes, curious, and walt whitman image tv, grunge, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
mars represents action and our drive to achieve goals

jupiter | virgo

aesthetic, girls, and grey image flowers, theme, and aesthetic image cat, cute, and animal image aesthetic, street, and theme image beauty, pastel, and structure image aesthetic, drink, and pink image Image by i quotes, pink, and grunge image
jupiter represents how we express generosity

saturn | cancer

color, drawing, and girly image shoes, fashion, and nike image aesthetic, art, and pastel image light, art, and cry image grunge, pale, and pink image art and photography image aesthetic, art, and angel image Dream, fall in love, and loser image
saturn represents responsibility and our fears

uranus | pisces

girl, aesthetic, and flowers image pink, angel, and aesthetic image quotes, sad, and tumblr image aphrodite, aesthetic, and art image lips, pink, and glitter image art, blue, and sky image bridal, dress, and girl image quotes, mirror, and text image
uranus represents what makes us rebellious or obedient

neptune | aquarius

Temporarily removed purple, butterfly, and aesthetic image quotes, think, and different image Temporarily removed lips, mermaid, and makeup image america, gold, and kiss image tumblr, planet, and wallpaper image colour, girly, and heart image
neptune represents our intuition and vulnerability

pluto | sagittarius

couple, goals, and hands image vintage, brown, and phone image Image by Private User fashion, shine, and street style image oldschool and volkswagen image quotes, be yourself, and black image artsy, dreams, and lamp image cat, cute, and animal image
pluto represents change and how we determine the truth