So, I saw this and said to myself "I have to do this" and here I am

Name: Zoheno (Zo-eh-no)
Age: 23

nice, wanna, and annoys image Abusive image Zues, lightning, and storm image art, boys, and chic image fashion, girl, and style image beautiful, book, and girl image
The name is one I made up. It's a combination of the names Drihena (goddess of pleasure), Zoraura (goddess of thunder), and Peitho (goddess of seduction)


fashion, girl, and dress image hair, hairstyle, and style image eyes, eye, and blue image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
Tan skin, long, wavy, brown hair, blue eyes, thick lashes, and full lips


tattoo, dragon, and aesthetic image Image removed tattoo, ink, and nails image tattoo, body, and girl image
Loves tattoos, believe they symbolize who she is as a goddess


nature, volcano, and storm image aesthetic, classy, and cool image beautiful, butt, and sexy image aesthetic, black, and decor image
Goddess of thunder and lightning, pleasure, and seduction


aesthetic, beauty, and blue image purple, stone, and crystal image dolphin, summer, and ocean image lightening, storm, and weather image
Blue-violet (flower), amethyst, dolphin, and the lightning bolt, they all symbolize a form of love while the lightning bolt symbolizes a loss of ignorance


girl, quotes, and bite image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cartoon, feelings, and mood image Abusive image
A very independent woman who goes for what, or who, she wants, doesn't speak of her feeling often, quick-tempered, and when she loves, she loves hard

Immortal Style:

fashion, dress, and runway image royal dress image aesthetic, beauty, and elegant image dress, fashion, and style image
Mostly consists of blacks and reds, very stylish, wears minimal jewelry


beautiful, book, and crown image
A very minimalist crown, the roses on the crown honor her mother

Mortal Style:

beauty, bed, and body image dress, black, and sexy image fashion, black, and style image outfit, girl, and fashion image
Loves black and red, likes to show off skin


aesthetic, girl, and hair image flowers, beautiful, and dancer image Abusive image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Aphrodite - Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation


abs, muscles, and body image grunge, nature, and oops image gold, man, and boy image drunk, quotes, and funny image
Zeus - God of the sky and thunder


fashion, makeup, and photo image bondage, skin, and pickaflick image
Peitho - Goddess of seduction and persuasion
boy, boyfriend, and Hot image gif, shoulders, and back image
Eros - God of love, half-brother


amandla stenberg, beauty, and gold image theme, ghetto, and animal image
Bast is the Egyptian Goddess of warfare and cats, Zoheno and Bast met while they were buying a pet and bonded over their love of cats
Image by Grace Kay assassin, daggers, and girl image
Inanna is a Sumerian Goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, combat, war, and justice, Zoheno and Inanna met while they were messing with humans and they bonded over their mutual love of pranks


fashion, fitness, and gif image angel, dark, and black image
Nikolai, God of spirit and the night (son of Hades), Zoheno and Nikolai met after one of her pranks had failed and angered him, eventually, they began to fall in a mutual, adventurous love


cat, animal, and cute image jellyfish, sea, and blue image animals, beauty, and cat image Image by Isabella
Zoheno has an obvious love for cats and can tame any animal, the black cat (Simba) was a gift from Bast and very cuddly, Zoheno has a large tank that holds aquatic life including the immortal jellyfish, the snow leopard (Nala) and the tiger (Orion) love playing around and having races with Zoheno

Thank you so much for reading ;)