Hello Hearters!

If you have not streamed Stranger Things, first go watch it and then keep reading!

If are like many who have already finished season 3, you have probably noticed some of the fashion styles shown throughout the show and how you can get similar outfits (On a affordable budget!).

Starting with each character, try to copy these looks for any event when your feeling a bit stranger..


brown shirt, blue jeans, and fashion image blonde, blue, and girl image alternative, brown, and clothes image fjallraven kanken and green image
Classic nerd t-shirt with bottoms of brown khakis or blue jeans. Accessorized with a hat and a big backpack to store information about the Russians..


autumn, flawless, and red image hair and hairstyle image style, girl, and outfit image Image by SaysAysaY
A classic white or black t-shirt styled with a red jean jacket and casual blue jeans. Use a simple bandana to style in your hair and don't forget your slingshot!


fashion, style, and outfit image bag, fashion, and style image green, skirt, and jean image asian, bow, and white image
A more classier style of the late 80s, a colorful sweater paired with a denim skirt with a small black satchel and black flats.


aesthetic, retro, and 90s image fashion, style, and outfit image blue, fashion, and free image black, shoes, and addias image
Stripes are in! A simple striped tee paired with an oversized tan jacket with blue jeans and good running shoes!


fashion and green image black, clothes, and png image fashion, style, and outfit image pink, fade, and faded image
Heart breaker back in the 80s style. Oversized sweatshirt paired with a wind breaker with blue jeans and the ultimate accessory, a baseball bat.


hair, fashion, and girl image 1980, 80's, and color image blue, colors, and dark image 80s, dustin, and eleven image
Serve up with easy look with a black & white striped shirt layered with a jean jacket and jean shorts. Of course with scoop ahoy makeup look as well!


accessories, bag, and beautiful image jeans, fashion, and blue image aesthetic, emo, and grunge image
Maxine's style is super easy to shop for. A striped shirt or sweater with a bright red windbreaker with blue jeans. Plus a sick skateboard as a getaway ride.


fashion, plaid shirt, and ulzzang image ghost busters image fit, luxury, and style image black, converse, and grunge image
The upside down look with a simple white or black tee layered with a plaid overcoat. also matched with classic blue jeans and black running shoes. Style that jacket with all sorts of pins and badges from D & D too.


blonde, fashion, and jeans image art, denim, and design image fashion, outfit, and style image smoke, grunge, and cigarette image
A rock and roll edge with a simple look. Start with a white or black tank top paired with a jean jacket ad blue jeans. Be sure to watch your back though...


dress, fashion, and style image fashion, shoes, and heels image accessories, aesthetic, and beautiful girl image accessories, beach, and beautiful image
Tan, tan and more tan! A tan romper or dress with tan booties and a hat for solving the mysteries in Hawkins.


fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, taekook, and filtered theme image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and jewelry image
A more grudge look for Johnathon paired with a black shirt, black jacket, and black jeans. Make sure to grab your camera too in case anything strange happens.


red, shorts, and sun glasses image Image by GIORGIA beach, holidays, and life guard image Image removed
Life guard on duty! A bright red top (Doesn't have to be to say lifeguard) with light washed shorts. Stay cool!


fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image flowers, aesthetic, and tumblr image aesthetic and theme image aesthetic, clothing, and style image
Something bright but powerful is Eleven's style shifted throughout the entire season. Bright colors, overalls, shorts, embroidery, pins, perfection!


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