hey y'all, it's diana!
i had an idea for a story that's been sitting in my notes for a while, but i haven't actually written in years so who knows if i'll ever do it. i created harper to be the protagonist and ever since i've had all this info on her in my notes for a while. so i figured i'd post it.

i got the idea from this article:
1. what is the name of your character, how old is he/she, when was he/she born, where was he/she born, where does he/she come from, how tall is he/she, how much does he/she weigh, does he/she go to school (name of the school)?

name: harper marie wright
age: 17
birthday: october 23, 1997 / 1:35 am
come from: she's been in pennsylvania all of her life
height: 5'5"
weight: 150 lbs
high school: westwood high school / wants to be a journalism major

2. how is your character's appearance? for example: green eyes, black hair etc.
Image by taranbystarlight body image lips, pink, and makeup image girl, eyes, and model image
she has grayish-blue eyes, blonde hair, full lips, and a thick build. she's far-sighted so sometimes she wears her reading glasses. she also has poliosis, which is what causes the few strands of white hair.
3: where does your character live? (country, city/town/village/island, mountain, sea etc.)
city, night, and street image california, rural, and town image adventure, explore, and glisten image books, library, and vintage image
she was born and raised in taingeorge, pennsylvania (a small, suburban town). there's a stream in town that her and her friends like to hang out at and lots of small bookstores.
4: what does your character's house look like from the outside? does it have a garden, a pond etc.?
cottage and house image garden, flowers, and nature image flowers and garden image window, sunflower, and vintage image
it's a two-story house but it is still quite small and it's ancient. she has a flower garden that she planted and a bench in the backyard where she sits to read, do homework, or just chill.
5: what does your character's room look like? also describe if it has a balcony etc.
bedroom, aesthetic, and room image beautiful, home, and sunshine image chair, chill, and cozy image Image removed
it's a small bedroom but she managed to fit a lot of furniture in it. her bedroom is on the second floor and has a large window next to her bed with a view of her garden.
6: does your character have siblings? if yes, does he/she share his/her room with them? if not, mention if he/she would like to have. also, does your character live with his/her parents?
fashion, daisy, and aesthetic image aesthetic, yellow, and mango image
she's an only child, but she wishes she had had a younger sibling to keep her company at home and to boss around. she lives with her dad because her mom died.
7: how are your character's parents? appearance and personality.
business, sharp, and shirt image jason isaacs image
peter wright - he's an accountant who is often caught up in his work. because of this, he tends to ignore harper and only pay attention to her when she does something exceptional.
beauty and margot robbie image fashion, grunge, and style image
maya wright - she died at the age of 32 when harper was five years old. she was shot at a gas station late at night after work. harper's only memory of her is being pushed on a swing at a park. her death made harper aware of her own mortality at a young age, which she deals with by keeping busy.
8: does your character have pets? if yes, describe them.
cat, animal, and black image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
his name is milton and he is 10 years old. her dad gave him to her when she was 7 so she wouldn't be so lonely. he follows her everywhere when she's home. he's a black cat with eyes like harper's.
9: how do your character's best friends look like?
dark, girl, and goth image fashion, girl, and grunge image
emily nakano - she's super laid-back and super chill. she became friends with harper because they both like to talk shit together. she's a big no bullshit type of person and a huge gamer. and yes, she's big gay.
aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image fashion, dress, and flowers image
toni mercer - toni is that girl in school who's popular because she's kind and gets along with everyone. her personality contradicts emily's and harper's but they get along because they balance each other out. she hikes often as a way to meditate.
boy, ginger, and aesthetic image Image by Moon lover
stephan henson - he's been friends with harper since the third grade. he's extremely introverted and it took him almost two years to call emily and toni his friends. he only goes outside of his comfort zone with the help of his friends. they call him "fish boy" sometimes because of how much he loves swimming.
10: what is your character's personality?
sky, yellow, and clouds image aesthetic, flowers, and green image
she is independent and outgoing. she takes on a lot of leadership roles as a way to get her dad's attention. she is passionate but she can become obsessive at times. she wants things done her way therefore she's a control freak. however, he is also loyal and always follows things through to the end. she's is also intelligent and does outstanding in school.

that's it for part 1! maybe i'll make the next part, maybe i won't. i haven't really decided yet. anyways, bye! i hoped y'all liked it and i hope y'all have a good day!

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