Just like most people, I have my own checklists on my bucket list. This article is solely dedicated to travel destinations that have curated into my bucket list.

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1. Norway: Northern Lights

It's amusing how orientations and nature of particles at the North side of the world could give rise to such an extraordinary natural phenomenon.

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2. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Lantern festival 🏮

I'd love to witness the beautiful event held annually and set free a lantern of my very own.

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3. Maldives: Beaches 🏝

Leave me at any islands of Maldives and I'd have zero complaints about it. From clear water to beautiful sunsets, Maldives is most definitely the epitome of utopia.

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4. New York Times Square: Shopping 🛍

Since I literally live on the other side of the world, flying over to New York would take about a day. However, for the satisfaction of my shopaholic side and vibrant lightings, I'm certainly up for it!

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5. Galloway Forest Park, Scotland: Stargazing ⭐

For someone who loves night skies, this is a must visit as it promises stargazing experiences like no other.

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Thank you from the very bottom of my heart if you've made it this far💛 I hope this article has been a good read because I genuinely had a good time working on it :))

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