Before I start, I need to precise that I am not a specialist. I didn't study anything related to skin or the chemical, but I have been interrested in the subject and reading, watching videos, asking around pretty much a lot lately.

Skin Type

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I have acne for 12 years now, I tried evrything (including pills and inside threatments) on it to clear it but as time was passing by, it only got worse and worse.
I was too focused on it, but that what made me build my

"knowledge" and "experience"

I have an oily dehydrated sensitive skin.

  • Oily : oily skin means a very dehydrated skin, that produce excecive oil(sebum), to hydrate/protect itself from the environment.
  • Dehydrated : Even with all the oil on my face, it still managed to feel dry so ... yay.
  • Sensitive : Everything affect the skin. It can be the weather to the texture of the pillow you sleep on. And that also includes the products you may be using. My skin wasn't always sensitive but it became like that through the year and with all the products I used on it.
Also, keep on mind that skin type changes and it's normal so always pay attention to how it's reacting.

So, after 11 years of suffering from Acne, I decided to take a deeper look into the korean 10 steps routine (I don't really use 10 but well, it's the general idea)
It's been 1 year I started following it, and my skin was never this clear. It's obviously not "perfect", but comparing to how it was years ago, it's healthier, cleaner and glowy (not just because of the oil)

And instead of usig drying products to take the oil away, I started using hydrating products to make my skin feel that it doesn't need to produce that much amount of sebum daily.

I found my hapiness in two brands : Mario Badescu and The Ordinary

I would also like to add that I tried almost all the homemade things, whatever it's masks or whatever, it didn't work for me. I also tried many brands, none worked as good as those two on my skin

Step 1 : Cleanser

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It's the bottle on left

To clean my face I use the Acne facial Cleanser from Mario Badescu
I apply it on my wet face and leave it on for few seconds, just the time to wash my teeths before washing it off.

Step 2 : Toner

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I couldn't find the one I was using but the one on left contain Witch Hazel as well

My holy toner is the Witch Hazel & Lavender Toner from Mario Badescu
I apply it everytime after my cleanser with a cotton pad

Step 3 : Facial Spray

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The Green bottle

1st step of hydration, the Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea from Mario Badescu is a must have for me.

Step 3 : Serum

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At first, Because I have an acne prone skin, I started using the niacinamide 10 + zinc 1 from The Ordinary, which was said is very good for acne, but it only gave me more acne and I used it for 4 months. Not wanting to take any more risks, I changed to a 100% hydrating serum.

My current one is now then the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + b5 from The Ordinary .

Choosing a serum can be hard, That's why I recommend you check the Article I linked bellow first or visit The Ordinary website for more informations.

Step 4 : Moisturizer

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Still from The Ordinary, I use the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Step 5 : Eye Care

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The brown bottle

The only make up I use daily is the concealer for my oscar winner under eye bags and dark cirle (and some lipstick) . I noticed that under my eyes was very very dry so I started using Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG from The ordinary.
It sure does what it says "Reduce appearance of Eye Contour Pigmentation and of Puffiness" but it's doesn't hydrate which is why I use the Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream from Mario Badescu. You don't need to use a lot, especially in the morning.

Step 6 : SunCare

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Again couldn't find a picture, I feel like my article is a total failure lol

Sun screen is the last step on my morning skin care routine. You should always wear a sun screen even when it's cloudy. The ground absorbs the Sun Ray and reflect it which results that our skin is always exposed to the UV.

I use the Mineral UV Filsters SPF 15 with Antioxidants from The ordinary

I tried an SPF 50+ on other brands but it's too rich that it clogs my pores. The Ordinary released the same sun screen I mentioned but with an SPF 30. I bought it, but since my SPF 15 is not empty yet, I haven't tried it, so I will keep you updated with.

Step 7 : LipCare

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I hate having Dry Lips, and Saliva actually improve the driness of the lips which is the reason I always have a lip balm with me.
I like the ones from Yves Rocher, and it doesn't matter which one is it, they all work the same.
I also have a Lip SunScreen from Nivea that I dab on top of it.

Skin Care is a deep subject, and if you guys are willing to know more, I recommend to take a look at those articles that did help me as well :
I also would recomment this YouTube Channel to know more about SkinCare and Products :

The products I mentioned may look expansive, but I, personnally, have a budget for SkinCare or SelfCare in general. You can also find products that would work perfectly for you and be cheaper, or having less steps and clear skin. If that's the case, good for you, those are only what worked for me, hopefully it would help any person who is struggling with their skin. I tried to list some articles who may be useful for you as well.

In the upcoming days, my night time SkinCare will be out as well.

I Hope everyone had, is having or will have a great day,
See you around guys.

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