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you know that feeling when you have a lot of clothes but you just don't know how to style them together or there's something missing about your outfit... Today I'll be giving you some tips about how to make your outfit go from okay to super stylish and to always look fashionable and comfortable with your look <3
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The secret of looking fashionable is to be comfortable with your outfit and trust me you don't have to wear things that you don't like just because other people do like it, wear to express not to impress, so be you, even with your outfits

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It doesn't matter how much clothes you have in your closet or how expensive they are, it only does matter how you're wearing them, all you have to do is to match your clothes, like for example match the colors... You can wear solid colors, it will make your clothes look more expensive. and don't be afraid to express yourself by wearing colors that you love

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All you have to do to make your outfit super stylish is to add some jewelry to it, it will make your outfit look more chic and you'll feel the cuteness that it will add to your outfit, you can simply wear a cute necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a belt or any other thing that will make your outfit look stylish, and it doesn't have to be expensive as long as you like it

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The shoes are a very important part of your outfits because it always shows your ability of fashion, I've said that before but I'm gonna say that one more time, it doesn't have to be expensive as long as you like it. If you're wearing something that is more like a sport outfit just wear sneakers, sneakers actually fit with anything that you wear but in order to look fashionable you have to wear heels with some outfits, for example a blouse, or any t-shirt with a skinny jeans, and it's always important to feel confident about your shoes

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Your hair is your only perfect accessory. And I think you should really appreciate your hair, it doesn't matter if it's curly, wavy, or even his color is what makes your hair alive... Match your hair to what you're wearing, if you're wearing something chic you can do a half braid half down, all of it down, or even a cute ponytail and you can always add a cute scrunchie

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I personally have many sources to get inspired by in clothes and fashion stuff, I save a lot of cute outfits that I see here on WHI, or even Pinterest, YouTube videos, or I even visit every shop's account on Instagram and see all the cute outfits that I like and put them in my shopping list. I also get inspired by celebrities, I always like to look at my favorite celebrity's street styles and I always keep looking for every item that I like until I finally find it

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