Being a hero sounds fun but who doesn't want to be the villain

As much as I enjoy heroes and as much as I like the good guys I have always loved the villains and I always wanted to play a villain.
I Hope you enjoy!

Name: Kimberly Andrews
Nickname: Kim or Kimmy (Is what her former friends called her)
Age: She is immortal but looks 21
Villain Name: Ice Queen

Back Story: During the 1940's Kim and her friends were going on a road trip during the winter when they were attacked by some robbers who killed her best friends and tried to kill her. Kim ran as much as she could but she was eventually shot and fell into a frozen river where she ended up getting her powers. She woke up thousands of years later in 2019 and filled with anger and rage started to attack anyone who stood up to her or in her way to find the ones who took her friends lives.

Normal appearance:

hair, girl, and blonde image eyes, green, and aesthetic image skin, aesthetic, and white image Image by blabla
Blonde hair, green eyes and freckles. She is short, athletic and quite pale.

Modern Style:

90s, angel, and edgy image fashion, style, and dress image dress, fashion, and style image outfit image
A lot of crop tops and jeans. She also really enjoys wearing dresses and she is not afraid to show some skin.

Villain Appearance:

Temporarily removed fancy, goals, and model image crown, crystal, and Queen image eyes, blue, and pretty image bed, hands, and white image Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️
Long platinum hair, white eyes, pale features silver jewelry, long silver or blue dresses and wheels.


Image by Nicole ️ beautiful, blue, and ice image winter, cold, and ice image indie, snow, and window image
Moving and creating snow, freezing everything she wants to touches.


Image removed quotes, rage, and feelings image theme image regret, potion, and aesthetic image
Constantly angry because of the past, manipulative, juste (or at least she thinks she is), Follows her morals, ambitious, hurt, loving.


The Sparrow

arrow, archery, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It warrior, fantasy, and medieval image arrow and aesthetic image


art, dark, and hands image handsome, model, and yome image boy and grunge image fantasy, magic, and power image


Abusive image beautiful, fire, and strong image Image removed hero image

The Controller

aesthetic, police, and power image boy, guy, and Hot image handsome, american horror story, and michael langdon image Image by anbastard

Love Interest:

photography, vintage, and boy image eyes, eye, and boy image Image removed aesthetic, boy, and flowers image
Jacob- he was one of her best friends who died on that tragic night. He was the love of Kim's life and she was never able to forget him.