♡ name: kimberli
♡ nickname: kim
♡ zodiac sign: capricorn


♡ hair

hair, girl, and blonde image aesthetic, black, and dark image jorja smith image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
— medium lenght ash blonde hair

♡ face and body

Image removed Image removed sahar luna image beauty, sahar luna, and brunette image
— likes to wear wigs, perfect, glowy skin with freckles, curvy natural body

♡ make up

Temporarily removed eyes, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image makeup, girl, and aesthetic image
— bright colorful eyes, from pink to blue, lots of glitter and likes to stick stars, hearts and moon shapes on face, glossy lip


pink, fashion, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed pink, shoes, and fashion image Temporarily removed aesthetic, hair, and glitter image pink, boots, and fashion image
— flip phones, long nails, pink, barrettes, chunky shoes and heels


Temporarily removed anime, aesthetic, and 90s image Temporarily removed funny, meme, and heart image
— very loving and loyal, dark humor and wild, also tired


fashion, dress, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and style image angel, butterfly, and club image grunge, black, and dark image beauty, brunette, and fashion image fashion, clothes, and heels image
— butterfly chunky heels, short dresses, lots of chains, boyfriend jeans, gold jewelry


shoes, pink, and black image Image by littlefridd aesthetic, beauty, and girls image fashion, pink, and aesthetic image
— chunky heels, barrettes, anything butterfly, long nails, make up, juicy couture


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blue, aesthetic, and white image aesthetic, fashion, and theme image
— rollerskating, collecting barrettes and shopping

best friends

Image removed Image removed
— jade
beautiful lady, pretty girl girls, and site models goals image Temporarily removed
— yasmin
black, icon, and pictures image baddie, aesthetic, and style image
— sasha
Temporarily removed bratz and aesthetic image
— chloe

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