The People At Your School:An Aesthetic

Sorry if i used a picture of you, lol...nothing personal

The Rude Bitch Obsessed With Takis And Nails Longer Than Your Bf's Dick

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Watch out, she might cut you with those nails

Typically Latina (not to be racist), squatting pose in pictures, is very disrespectful, fights a lot(#1 move is pulling hair)eats hot Cheetos and Takis, long hair, and high top Nike Air Force 1s

"Bruh, you play too much" *smacks lips *

Nike Supreme Hype Beast

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Thinks they're hot shit (they're not), Nike and Supreme, rule breaker, rude, always has air pods in

"that's gay as shit"

Vsco, tube top, hydroflask, basic bitch

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We know these girls so well, i don't even have to say more

"Wait, take a Dsco"


chains, black, and dark image 90s, alternative, and black image aesthetic, black, and chains image grunge, fashion, and aesthetic image black, chains, and eboy image Abusive image

Honestly I'm getting sick of these explanations, we all know these people

"Omg, all girls/boys are the same. Except me"

Weird '70s/'80s girl who thinks she's special because she saw Bohemian Rhapsody and now listens to Queen, and only Queen

outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, vans, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image bands, black and white, and childhood image cigarette image band, darling, and Freddie Mercury image

You already know.

"I was born in the wrong generation, like oh my god. The music industry is so messed up, I hate pop music. Queen is the greatest band ever. Have you heard of them? I swear, no one listens to them, i guess I'm just different, lol"

Yeah, 'cause it's not like everyone else in the entire world hasn't listened to them, Becky.

I'm getting sick of how true this is, lol
let me know if you'd be interested in a part 2!