meet my internet best friend
internet friends, love, and distance image best friend, goals, and if image
going to new york with my best friend
couple, new york, and night image city, travel, and building image
visit germany
german flag image beautiful, dresden, and germany image
attend a pride parade
aesthetic, bellezza, and color image Image removed
live in seattle
vacation, washington, and traveler image buildings, pier, and pnw image
attend a concert {marking off in september!}
aesthetics, cool, and face image amoeba, concert, and summer image
buy an old vehicle or a volkswagen
blue, car, and summer image car, old, and theme image
go on vacation {marking off in september!}
aesthetic, castle, and cinderella image dragon, Estados Unidos, and universal studios image
fall in love
aesthetic, love, and taekook image couple and goals image
attend an art gallery
art, aesthetic, and museum image art, museum, and aesthetic image
learn more about crystals/chakras and spirituality
crystal and rock image magic and moon image
rescue an animal/volunteer at shelters
adorable, animals, and awh image animal, cat, and compassion image
complete high school
aesthetic, retro, and stranger things image school, study, and college image
meet a celebrity
Temporarily removed boy, nicholas galitzine, and Devil image
stargaze with someone special
couple, date, and night image back, Just us, and stars image
get a tattoo
Inspiring Image on We Heart It tattoo, adidas, and heart image
have a kiss at the top of a farris wheel
background, city, and farris wheel image camera, fun, and iphone image
take polaroid photos
photography and aesthetic image polaroids and shawn mendes image
decorate/design my room
home, bedroom, and room image cozy, decor, and home image