Inspired by

✵ Color of your eyes

makeup, eyes, and eye image eyes, girl, and photography image
brown with green

✵ Hair color

aesthetic, makeup, and waves image green, hair, and green hair image
dark brown with green ombre

✵ Favorite singer/brand

iphone, wallpaper, and wallpaper iphone image music, musik, and quotes image
Imagine Dragons

✵ Favorite color

quotes, yellow, and wallpaper image aesthetic, art, and burgundy image
Yellow and Dark red

✵ Zodiac sign

aesthetic, edit, and gemini image aesthetic, gemini, and horoscope image

✵ Do you have siblings?

aesthetic, baby, and clothes image denim, friends, and aesthetic image
I have a younger sister by 5 years

✵ Favorite food

food, pizza, and delicious image pizza, food, and yummy image

✵ Favorite animal

animal, bed, and fluffy image Image removed

✵ What languages can you speak?

grunge, indie, and leaves image bulgaria, bulgarian, and quote image
bulgarian and english

✵ Where do you want to travel to?

city, sky, and sunset image aesthetic, america, and architecture image
Everywhere but mostly USA

✵ Favorite movies?

ackles, jensen, and danneel image norman reedus, the boondock saints, and sean patrick flanery image
Ten inch hero and The Boondock saint

✵ Have you ever been in love?

yes, light, and neon image aesthetic, block, and life image

✵ Are you single?

Clueless, 90s, and movie image funny, single, and album image

✵ Favorite series?

Image by Moon lover supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and sam winchester image

✵ Favorite season?

pink, ocean, and sky image Inspiring Image on We Heart It