1.) Avatar: The Last Airbender

avatar the last airbender and atla image
One of my favorite shows of all time. It's fascinating, hilarious, beautiful and perfectly done, showing great character growth, suspense, and comedy. It never falls short either, each season was great and it certainly ended with a bang. Always loved Sokka and Toph could not be more tough. Legend of Korra I also love, but ya just can't beat the original, well this one anyway.

2.) Gravity Falls

Can get surprisingly messed up but in the weirdest funniest way, like with the orifice face change in weirdmageddon, that certainly was horrifying. This one has all sorts of twists and turns, providing a ton of mystery and beloved comedy with such likable characters. Dipper's the best, Mabel is hilarious, and Grunkle Stan's voice is priceless. Also love Bill's voice, he's so creepy but funny at the same time, also goes for the show.

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3.) Phineas and Ferb

perry, phineas, and ferb image
😂Love how they were always able to perfectly set up Candace trying to bust her brothers with Doofenshmirtz and Perry, having their plans thwarted at the last possible second. This never lost its magic either, its stayed good to the end which is always a plus. Always loved Phineas and Isabella together, Candace and Doofensmirtz always cracked me up

4.) Teen Titans

Ah the original Teen Titans. I was obsessed with this show when I was younger. So many amazing episodes, I laughed so hard and would get so teary eyed at parts. The episodes with Terra always get me. It's been so long since I've seen this but while writing this I may just go back and rewatch, its just that good. Beast boy I always loved he's so funny and sweet.

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5.) Over the Garden Wall

cartoon and over the garden wall image
Now Over the Garden Wall may be short, probably the shortest on this list, but man is it good. It has the same eerie yet comical feel like with Gravity Falls and Adventure Time. There's so much hidden meaning and darkness in this I just love it. After rewatching you definitely catch a lot of the things you missed before. Love Elijah Wood as Wirt, he does such a perfect job as the nervous older brother and man are the beast and pumpkin people freaky, "you'll join us some day" always makes my hair stand on end from the second episode.

6.) Adventure Time

The insanely popular dystopian kids show pretty much everyone knows from Cartoon Network. The world building in this show is amazing. Not to mention the interesting and hilarious characters, the super memorable episodes, and again the weird feel it gives off with the comedy is perfect. I always loved the ocean of fear episode, the dungeon episode, into the nightosphere, trouble in lumpy space, and the other tarts. I know there's many more but those are always the man favorites I think of. As a kid always loved Finn, Marceline, and Lumpy Space Princess, the voice is just hilarious.

cartoon network, finn, and JAKe image

7.) Star vs. the Forces of Evil

star image
Since the very beginning I shipped Star and Marco, they really do make an amazing couple. This show has all the magic, different dimensions, teenage drama, and love you'll need. It's hilarious, adorable, and really captures the teen feel of hanging out, discovering new things, like romance, magic + dimensions, etc... Star could not be more relatable, you'd be surprised since she's a magical princess from another dimension.

8.) Spongeob Squarepants

Surprise! Haha ya I know not really but I mean come on its spongebob how could I not. The best spongebob episodes to me are from the very beginning, the first couple seasons, man can't believe it started in 1999, I wasn't even born yet. There are so many funny lines from this show. I always loved pizza delivery, rock bottom, chocolate with nuts, the magic conch, Frankendoodle, and the graveyard shift, yes there are many others, but again those are definitely the main, well some of them anyway.

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9.) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

foster's home image
I always loved this show but I don't remember it ever being insanely popular, but then again not every good show is. Bloo always made me laugh with his sarcasm, sass, and witty remarks, and the show is just so creative and captivating. What I always remember being obsessed with from this is Destination Imagination, the episode which was also pretty much a movie, where Frankie goes into the other world in the toy chest and meets the imaginary friend that basically is the world, then Mac, Bloo and everyone go in to find her. I always loved that episode, I rewatched it so many times. Man is Frankie relatable too, just can't catch a break, in that long episode she does tho so thats a plus.

10.) Dexter's Lab

Ya this ones from waaaaaaaay back but boy it always made me laugh. It also has a bit of a weird feel but the comedy keeps it balanced. I love the look of this older animation and the voices are so funny. I loved the episode where Dexter and Dee Dee's parents are turned into babies, and the coffee episode. It's been so long hmmm oh Mandark was always funny, and Captain Glory and the others were hilarious, if I'm loosing ya look it up, its too funny.

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Now some honorable mentions:

-Steven Universe

steven universe image

-Courage the Cowardly Dog

cartoon, cartoon network, and courage image
Mature image

-Danny Phantom

danny phantom, love, and cartoon image

-Kim Possible

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-Fairly Odd Parents

cartoon image

-Jimmy Neutron

animated, cartoon, and nostalgia image

-Johnny Test

lab, dog, and science image

-The Marvelous miss adventures with Flapjack

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Hope all this gave you a sense of nostalgia and helped jog your memory with some shows! Please heart and add to collections!