Hello there, today i wanted to do something creative and my first thought was write about the days of the weekend as "real" persons.

i think is entertaining so let's start, hope you like it!

monday and quotes image


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loves clean face and no makeup, she have a dark brown hair. She always looks tired when you first meet her.


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Most people hate her, but that's why she only has the best friends. She is very organized and loves to be busy all the time. Although it does not seem like it, it is quite unpredictable.


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she hates black and loves to wear soft colors.


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She loves art.


Sunday and Thursday


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She is in love with Sunday, but she does not want to tell him her feelings because one of Sunday's best friends is Friday, one of the craziest, annoying and lazy guys she has ever met and Sunday hates people who hate Friday. It is complicated to explain.