This change in modern technology permits designers to get even more innovative and also creative without having to worry quite about the costly downsides of executing their ideas. The Swiss (and various other) clockmakers of a couple centuries ago created some elaborate, luxuriant, and amazing timepieces, but they needed to use up significant initiative in painstaking information to bring them to fruition. The clockmakers of today can reproduce their job reasonably painlessly by doing everything electronically.

Certainly, the marketplace for clocks has altered significantly in that time. Yet passion in specialty or uniqueness watches hasn't disappeared completely. There may not be a mass market for cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, or pieces that reveal expansions such as the day of the week, the day of the month, or the level of the tide, yet cutting-edge people can discover a means to fill up the niche demand.

The homogenization of society as well as production has triggered a kind of numbing of the mind such that people no more anticipate to see anything out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, when they do discover the unusual, even if it is efficiently no different from what prevailed 200 years ago, it amazes them as well as gives them stop. As well as this is exactly how something as simple as a day of the week clock dial brings real amazement.